Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today, I participated the #ChiMobileDesign hosted by Chicago Android with GTUG. The whole event is very fruitful and it has more than I expected. The whole focused on the Mobile Dev & Web dev these two aspects, which are definitely two of the hottest topic today.

The first speaker, Karim Varela, who is from AT&T the company I dislike most, demonstrated the importance of the web development for the current and the future days. This guy did stay out at the airport all night for coming to this event. What a great guy.

The second speaker is some people from Google in Chicago Office. Fast and smooth speech give me one of the most important tip is what the big and great company takes care all day is the DATA. They collect the data, analyze it and then use the data for good. Though his speech is short and content limited, probably caused by some company privilege, blah, blah.. I still seek a lot of information. Generally speaking, data or information is everything, all you need to care or you should care about is just the way you analyze and use it.

The third speaker is a pretty lady accompanied with Uki, Natalia. She mainly focused on the UI design on different screen size, especially the picture design technology. She mentioned, different screen size could probably use totally different layouts, pictures. I think that's very useful for my current situation, and I really need someone professional like her or equally knowledge.

4th speaker, Maung Lwing, is a smart guy from Chicago. I definitely believe he is an ECE guy. Also he is a very productive developer. Another open source platform based on Android, arduino is a very powerful and easily developed platform.

5th, Pek, my favorite developer in Chicago. He mainly focused on the mobile design based on the human behaviors. 1st, people would not lift their arms or hands often when they play around with tablet. 2nd, for different landscape, use different layout might be a wise choice. And I really love the life he has now, at least he is not totally filled with code.

6th, Uki, nothing really new or advance, but still inspiring.

7th, Hugh Park, the funnies and most charming speaker of the whole event. He dug a hole of consumer behaviors. He made several examples circle around his point: you can't change behaviors, but you can enable existing behaviors. The developer or project should made the market research for target first. "Who are you developing for" is the first and the most important question you should ask to yourself. The property like age or gender is very significant. Then, use these insights to make or create your project, including the function, design and etc. Through all of your project, you should remember you are doing good to make people like it, use it. Make is as easy as possible for the users to use.

I think there is one speaker mentioned about "Test early and often", which is very impressive and significant for the developers. A lot of mistakes or waste I made is caused by failing to implement with this principle.

Above all, despite the development, the socialization is the most important part and the reason for the current trends. It helped people or groups to share information with each other. Data sharing is the key to everything now!

The following is the snapshot for the event, all are about some market research, which are very interesting.

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