Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ji-V Hackathon II @ June 25th, 2011

Date: June 25th, 2011
Location: Ascend Training, 410 South Michigan Ave, 4th & 10th Floor, Chicago, IL

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I always enjoyed something challenged, that's the reason I came to Ji-V hack event, and also created the team "286s", which is composed of Yevgeniy Grodskiy(James), Jacque Harper, Ivan Martinovtook, Antonio Yi (me), and Yaqi Zhao. (Links to their FB profile)

This is an one-day event, time is pretty tight, though the project from Give Forward has few requests to implement.

First, based on the group discussion,  Jacque made the design and flow chart of our application.

Second, after James made the initial layout of main.xml, I started to design and implement the login layout.

Implement ... function
Implement ... function
Implement ... function

We almost finished all the functions we expected. It's also the time to meet the judges and make the presentation.

Before the judges declared the winners, we watched a WuShu Performance and a very professional dance brought by a beautiful lady.
WuShu Performance
At last, judges made the announcement: "Team 286s is the winner" with $1000 in cash. We each got $200.

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